Rank: Captain , Hours Required: 0 , Type Rating: All narrow bodies + 1 twin engine widebody (MZFW < 200 Metric ton)
Rank: Senior Captain , Hours Required: 1000 , Type Rating: All narrow bodies + 3 twin engine widebody (MZFW < 220 Metric ton)
Rank: Commander , Hours Required: 2000 , Type Rating: All narrow and wide bodies
Rank: Senior Commander , Hours Required: 5000 , Type Rating: All narrow and wide bodies
Rank: Legendary Captain , Hours Required: 10000 , Type Rating: All narrow and wide bodies
Parmiss Airlines Silver Wing
(Sorties Required: 100)
Wings :

Parmiss Airlines "Silver or Golden Wings", will be awarded base on count of flights (sorties).
Parmiss Airlines Golden Wing
(Sorties Required: 500)
Points and Stars :

Parmiss Airlines operates an Experience points system, which rewards pilots for achieving certain criteria during their flight. Where your rank gives information about your knowledge and abilities, your stars and ribbons illustrate your experience as an active and effective pilot. You will earn them with every flight you complete and with every event you participate.
100,000 Bonus Points

200,000 Bonus Points

300,000 Bonus Points

400,000 Bonus Points

500,000 Bonus Points
Pointing System and Penalties :

If you don't make any mistakes during a flight, you will get
100 points by submiting your PIREP. Also, you will earn 5 extra points per each 500 Nm. flown and 3 extra points per each 300 passengers, carried in your flight.
Each successful landing, also has
200 points. But your landing rate (ft./min) will detract from that and the grand total will add to your total points.

ATTENTION ... Heavy landings can cause a lot of "NEGATIVE" points in your grand totals.

With each of the following penalties your rating will get reduced and you will earn negative points as follow :

               -  Taxi speed exceeds 25kts (5kts tolerance) :
-5 points
               -  Landed at wrong airport :
-15 points plus -5 Airline reputation (pilot will be required to submit 5 dispatched flights)
               -  Aircraft crashed :
-50 points plus -20 Airline reputation (pilot will be Grounded for 3 daysand will required to submit 30 dispatched flights)
               -  Parking brakes not set at end of flight :
-5 points
               -  Speed exceeds 250kts below FL100 (10kts and 100ft tolerance) :
-5 points
               -  Landing lights on above FL100 or 3000ft AGL, the higher value is taken (100ft tolerance) :
-5 points
               -  Landing lights off below 1000ft AGL (100ft tolerance) :
-5 points
               -  Aircraft out of fuel :
-15 points plus -5 Airline reputation (pilot will be required to submit 5 dispatched flights)
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Parmiss Airlines Ranking System :
All pilots accepted by Parmiss Airlines, with or without previous Virtual Airline experiences are assigned the initial rank of "Captain". The more hours you fly and flights you complete, the greater the commitment and therefore the greater the achievement. The routes and the types of aircraft you are allowed to fly are also controlled by the system.

General Ranking :