NOTAM IPV-160101-0003
Parmiss Airlines pilots are requested to pay attention to the following points.
1 - Use of flap for reducing speed above 250 kts is not allowed
2 - Use of landing gear to make drag for reducing speed is forbidden.
3 - Touch down with high vertical speed extremely forbidden.
Pilots who not consider above points during the flight and causing damaged to the fleet will be receiving written warning, Pilots will be fired if this was repeated.

NOTAM IPV-160101-0002
Parmiss Airlines pilots only permitted to use proffetional and "PAYWARE" packages (BBS, Aerosoft, Captain Sim, Quality Wings, PMDG and etc.). Due to low quality and accuricy, other variant or models are not allowed. Violating pilots will be receiving warning notice and will be expelled in case of further practice.

NOTAM IPV-160101-0001
Parmiss Airlines pilots are not allowed to fly using "Time Acceleration" during the flight under no circumstances, all flights should be done in "Real Time" condition and nonobservant pilots will be expelled.
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