Parmiss Airlines is "The first Iranian virtual airline", simulating a global air transport company in order to enhance the flight simulation experience for the pilots.
Our philosophy is to ensure the realism of such operation within the limits of "Flight Simulator" boundaries, also our intention is to create a company that could bridge the existing gulf between the real world and virtual aviation airlines, additional to making simulated airlines operation available to all our dear friends in Iran.

We are very excited about our future and continue to work hard to develop new programs to give our pilots the best possible and enjoyable experience. Our program would give pilots all the opportunities to fly various type of planes to more places around the world. We will continue to develop the best fleet and events within the VA environment and make them available to our dear colleagues. We are confident that your experience with Parmiss Airlines will be exciting, motivating and enjoyable.

If you are a flight simulator enthusiast and wants to take your flying experience to the next level, then take a tour around our site.

If you wish to enhance your experience and vision then you are more than welcome to join our company and
become part of a great and dedicated team of flight simmers who are experiencing something different in Parmiss Airlines.
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